AIDES in Vienna for the 18th International Aids Conference

15 Juillet 2010

Our message at the 18th International Aids Conference in Vienna (Austria) will be: To remind world leaders that they have responsibilities and that universal access to treatment must become a reality. AIDES and our partners will be there to inform, share and progress in the fight.

You can see 79 videos on the theme of eradicating the virus by 2040
Robin Hoods will inaugurate the French-speaking, presentation area of our organisation on the 19th of July and the next day oral presentations will be organised to discuss major issues like criminalisation of homosexuality or the question of intellectual property in access to medicines. As well as the video competition, AIDES and its partners will be organising a series of events all week long. The Plus coalition ( will explain how a tax on international bank transactions can raise funds on an international level. Every day at lunch time,

Plus will organise mini conferences to explain the project called The Robin Hood Tax.
Other events: community-based rapid testing; the website dedicated to HIV positive people Seronet (; the actions of the Africagay against Aids group; the significance of the female condom (Fémidon) and the provision of injection equipment for drug users.
Focus on community-based research
Because cooperation between NGOs and researchers is essential to define our priorities in the field, AIDES and its partners have become involved in community-based research.
Working out research projects with scientific institutions, implementing them and sharing their results, these are principles which allow us to get closer to infected and affected people, their needs and expectations. For these reasons, on Wednesday the 21st of July, AIDES, the National Aids Research Agency, REACH Canada, the University of Québec in Montreal and Sidaction will organise a session on the issues and challenges of community-based research.
Reflecting together: press conferences.
The major theme of the year; universal access to treatment will also be the theme of the press conference of the 21st of July, “The Future is ours! Let’s stop the epidemic by 2040!”.
Fighting against Aids is also fighting for human rights, and because the same issues can be found in the North as in the South, the rights of gay and bisexual Africans will be at the heart of the press conference on the 22nd of July with the title, “Here and now, gay and bisexual men’s right to health”. Finally, as more and more HIV positive people are being prosecuted for having infected a partner or transmitted the virus, the press conference on “criminalising HIV transmission or exposure” will be the opportunity to question this trend and its negative impact on individuals and in terms of prevention (the 22nd of July).
The latest issue of the HIV/Aids Policy and Law Review has published an article entitled, “Criminalising HIV transmission or exposure: the context of francophone West and Central Africa” which you can download on the website of the Canadian HIV/Aids Legal network.


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