2 July 2013
"It’s my fault, I’m stupid to have got infected" Of course it isn’t and of course you’re not! If that were true, you’d be as stupid as the thousands of other people who get infected every year, or the 150,000 people living with HIV in France, or the 230,000 living with HBV and the 220,000 living with HCV. These are epidemics... Read more
30 May 2013
The issue of self-testing, or home-testing as it is sometimes called, is not new to the HIV field and AIDES has been called on regularly in recent years to express its opinion both formally and informally on the subject. In accordance with the opinion of AIDES’ board of directors, the latest position put forward was shared with the National AIDS Council (CNS)... Read more
18 February 2013
AIDES welcomes the historic vote of the National Assembly in favor of marriage equality. February 12th, 2013 After a fortnight of intense debates, the French National Assembly voted in the first reading, in favor of marriage equality. AIDES welcomes this historic step as every action taken towards equal rights is one more victory against AIDS. 2013 is the year... Read more
5 July 2012
Too crazy ? Too masculine ? Too HIV positive ? Following on from the success of the first edition in 2011, AIDES is re-launching the anti-discrimination photo exhibit, “We are all too much or not enough for some people” and this year some shop keepers from a predominantly gay area of Paris are the ones who strike the poses ! The opening took place on... Read more
28 March 2011
AIDES and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have just launched an innovative campaign to celebrate fun and safe sex. AIDES, the leading French HIV/Aids organisation and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GSP) are pleased to announce the launch of their latest campaign: “Sex condoms and cartoons”. Using cartoon imagery, it can be used in a variety of... Read more
5 July 2010
AIDES (South West region) launches the 6th edition of the BABY LOVE OCEAN TOUR 2010 ! For five years now, AIDES in partnership with LGBT organisations, has organised the prevention and harm reduction summer campaign aimed at reaching gay people on beaches and gay venues on the Atlantic coast in South West France.   This campaign is based on different... Read more
28 January 2014
Nous sommes en 2014 et la politique du chiffre fait chaque jour de nouvelles victimes.   Patricia E, ressortissante camerounaise et volontaire à AIDES, vit en Haute Savoie depuis plusieurs années.  Le 19 janvier dernier, alors qu'elle rentrait d'un week-end de formation organisé par AIDES en Avignon, Patricia a... Read more
9 September 2013
At the G20 in Saint-Petersbourg, Vladimir Putin stood out from the crowd by his repressive politics towards defenders of gay people and drug users. What is his objective? To weaken NGOs and in the process minorities who are perceived to be « political enemies »,  with the added risk of worsening the already explosive HIV and hepatitis C... Read more
9 July 2013
The time when every G8 summit was an opportunity for countries to solemnly commit themselves to scaling up the fight against AIDS seems to be well and truly a thing of the past.  How far away the 2005 Gleneagles Summit seems to us now, when the world’s richest nations pledged to reach universal access to treatment by 2010. Likewise, the promise... Read more

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